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Week of Jan. 14, 2019

Although Christina normally provides our semi-monthly “Stuff We’re Reading,” this week is a collaborative effort with Amy, who wrote the first two entries. Credit where credit is due. Happy reading!

I Don’t Hate Women Candidates — I Just Hated Hillary and Coincidentally I’m Starting to Hate Elizabeth Warren, by Devorah Blachor for McSweeney’s. If you’re not familiar with McSweeney’s, it’s like a highbrow version of The Onion. This is a funny read, but, like all great satire, there’s a serious point: women politicians (and women in general) are held to a ridiculously high standard for likability, and their likability (or perceived lack thereof) is seemingly the only basis they’re judged on. So if you find yourself just being “rubbed the wrong way” by most women in positions of power, rather than holding it against the women, look inward. And Google “unconscious bias test.”

Lawyer in Viral Rant Video Faces Suit From Record Label Client, by Scott Flaherty for The American Lawyer. Yet another reminder that everyone needs to mind their Ps and Qs because bad behavior travels fast. This is the first time we can remember a lawyer losing a client over a viral video rant, but he’s far from the first person to mouth off in public and get fired over it.

Are You There, User? It’s Me, Facebook!, by John Herrman for the New York Times. On the surface, this article might seem like a plea for us to stop sending email, but hear us out: email is all about quality, not quantity. All the more reason to be thoughtful and intentional about the content you send to your subscribers. Also, read this if you want some good info on how Facebook disseminates its messaging.

The ‘Coffee Shop Effect’: Why Changing Your Location Boosts Your Productivity, by Kat Boogaard for Trello. Coworking spaces are great, but I can’t justify $250/month to sit at a communal desk. That’s why I love coffee shops: they provide both an office and a sense of community for a fraction of the cost. (That’s not exactly what this article is about, though, so read on for more benefits about working from your local café.)

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