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Deciphering the State Bar of Texas Advertising Rules with Gene Major

For more than 20 years, the State Bar of Texas advertising rules have governed lawyer advertising, including print and electronic ads, websites, brochures and practically any communication about a lawyer’s legal services that reaches the public. Despite two decades of regulation, Texas lawyers and law firms still have questions about exactly what is and isn’t allowed, and the potential impact for violations.

That lack of familiarity can lead to a firm or an individual lawyer having their ad, website, etc., labeled as “noncompliant” by the State Bar of Texas Advertising Review Department, which reviews lawyer advertising for violations under the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Those who fail to remedy noncompliant communications may be the subject of an official complaint filed with the Bar’s Chief Disciplinary Counsel.

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‘Best Lawyers’ Lists: D Magazine Edition

If you’re a Dallas lawyer, you’ve probably noticed a sudden rush of ads, social media posts, and emails touting various attorneys’ inclusion on D Magazine’s 2018 list of the Best Lawyers in Dallas, which was published May 1.

If you made that list, congratulations! We’ve got some tips for spreading the word at the bottom of this blog post.

First, though, a quick word about “best lawyer” lists. Lawyers, and the marketers who serve them, have a love/hate relationship with these lists. Here’s how those arguments play out:

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What the Heck is ‘Smart Casual’? Q&A with Professional Style Expert Devoreaux Walton

Image and style consultant Devoreaux Walton
If you want to feel like a toad, meet up with an image and style consultant on Casual Friday. This was how I felt when I met Devoreaux Walton for coffee recently.

Devoreaux had introduced herself after a presentation I gave on “Getting Past the ‘Ick Factor’ in Marketing,” and it was easy to see why she’s a style consultant. Perfectly dressed and coiffed, she exudes a poise and confidence that, were she not so warm and friendly, might cause resentment among the slightly less poised and coiffed (speaking hypothetically, of course).

I wanted to pick her brain about the intersection of professional style and business development. True, nobody’s hiring a lawyer solely because he or she is well-dressed. But there’s no denying that looking the part plays a role in a lawyer’s ability to make rain.

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Vintage typewriters spelling out NEWS to illustrate the continuing relevance of press releases

4 Reasons You Should Still Issue a Press Release

In the era of online content marketing, the press release seems as quaint and outdated as the fax machine. But a well-written, concise, timely press release remains one of the most potent vehicles for getting your law firm’s story in front of important audiences.

If anything, press releases are more important today than they were back in the day when they took over newsroom fax machines and made one of my editors “cry for the trees” they were written on. (Fortunately for those trees, press releases are now almost entirely distributed electronically. You’re welcome, Earth.)

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Request for Proposal

So, You Received An RFP. Now What?

No matter the size or type of practice of a law firm, almost every firm has had its fair share of preparing responses to Request for Proposals (RFPs).

They can be challenging, time-consuming and an exercise in frustration. But many clients find them helpful as part of managing their relationships with outside counsel. RFPs help clients narrow the number of outside counsel used, control costs and outline key considerations of a relationship between the client and its law firm.

Ideally, you can manage all of those things without having to respond to a formal RFP. But in many companies, the procurement department or the legal operations team require their outside counsel to participate in the RFP process. So, should you find yourself with an RFP on your desk, these steps can lessen the challenges of preparing your response:

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